Friday, August 18, 2017

International Criminal Court Orders Reparations For Attack On Religious Buildings In Mali

In a press release, the International Criminal Court summarized its 61-page opinion in Prosecutor v. Al Madhi, (ICC, Aug. 17, 2017) imposing reparations on  Al Faqi Al Mahdi who had previously been convicted of war crimes for his part in attacking ten mausoleums that were part of the cultural heritage in Timbuktu, Mali:
Today, 17 August 2017, Trial Chamber VIII of the International Criminal Court ... issued a Reparations Order in the case of The Prosecutor v. Ahmad Al Faqi Al Mahdi, concluding that Mr Al Mahdi is liable for 2.7 million euros in expenses for individual and collective reparations for the community of Timbuktu for intentionally directing attacks against religious and historic buildings in that city. Noting that Mr Al Mahdi is indigent, the Chamber encourages the Trust Funds for Victims ("TFV") to complement the reparations award and directed the TFV to submit a draft implementation plan for 16 February 2018.