Tuesday, October 24, 2017

New Executive Order Restarts Refugee Admissions With Increased Vetting

President Trump today issued an Executive Order (full text) resuming the admission of refugees to the United States, but with increased vetting.  The Executive Order provides rather cryptically for a 90-day review period to determine "whether any actions taken to address the risks to the security and welfare of the United States presented by permitting any category of refugees to enter this country should be modified or terminated..."  Politico reports on the meaning of this provision as provided by administration officials:
The order initiates a new 90-day review period for the administration to conduct an “in-depth threat assessment” of the 11 countries, according to a senior administration official.
The administration did not disclose the 11 countries, but based on statements from senior administration officials they appear to be: Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Mali, North Korea, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. All except for North Korea are majority-Muslim.
During the 90-day review period, refugee admissions from the 11 nations will be permitted on a case-by-case basis if the person’s entry is in the national interest and “poses no threat to the security or welfare of the United States,” the official said.