Friday, December 29, 2017

Lithuanian Court Invalidates Jewish Community Election

JTA reports on a  Dec. 21 decision (full text in Lithuanian) by Lithuania's Vilnius District Court invalidating an election for president of the umbrella group, Jewish Community of Lithuania ("LBZ").  The lawsuit filed by the Vilnius Jewish Community challenges a change in voting rules adopted by LBZ's board in the middle of the campaign.  The change disenfranchised 2,200 members of the Vilnius Jewish Community and resulted in the re-election of Faina Kukliansky.  LBZ had earlier attempted to invalidate an election of an opponent of Kukliansky as head of the Vilnius Jewish Community.  LBZ criticized the Vilnius election, contending that Vilnius voters were "mainly Russian speakers calling themselves Jews, with only a minority of people with Litvak blood."