Monday, December 04, 2017

Suit Over Mosque Settlement Remanded To State Court

Litigation over site plan approval for construction of a mosque in Bernards Township, New Jersey continues. In May, the Township reached settlements with the Islamic Society of Basking Ridge and with the U.S. Justice Department under which the Township will permit the mosque to be built. (See prior posting.) However, township residents continue to challenge the settlement. (See prior related posting.)  One of the suits contends that proper notice was not given of the meetings that approved the settlements.  That suit was originally filed in state court, but removed to federal court by defendants.  Now in Smith v. Township of Bernards, (D NJ, Nov. 29, 2017), the New Jersey federal court to which the case was removed has remanded the case to state court.  It found that the suit does not raise any federal law issue, even though one of the settlements was incorporated into a federal court order. Thomas More Law Center issued a press release announcing the court's decision.