Thursday, March 08, 2018

Christian Student Group Sues Over Decertification

The InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Wayne State University has filed a federal lawsuit challenging the University's action removing its status as a recognized student organization.  The complaint (full text) in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/ USA v. Board of Governors of Wayne State University,  (WD MI, filed 3/6/2018), alleges that the action was taken against it because of the organization's requirements that its leadership share its Christian faith and affirm the group's statement of faith.  The university contends that this violates its non-discrimination policy.  InterVarsity has operated on Wayne State's campus for 75 years.  the complaint claims that the University's action violates various federal and state constitutional and statutory provision.  Detroit News reports on the lawsuit.

UPDATE: According to a press release from Becket, two days after the suit was filed the University reinstated InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, at least temporarily.