Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Religious Themed Ad Reinstated On Football Field Amid Broader Litigation

As previously reported, in February four parents sued the Bossier Parish, Louisiana school board alleging widespread Establishment Clause violations. Recently, amidst settlement talks in the litigation, the Benton High School Booster Club sold advertising space on the school's football field to Christ Fit Gym. The business' logo that was placed on the field in the end zone includes a cross and a citation to a bible verse.  KTBS News  and KTAL report that at the recommendation of legal counsel the ad was removed just before the school's homecoming game on Friday, pending consultation with the court. But apparently Christ Fit Gym filed suit in state court against the Booster Club challenging removal of the ad, and a temporary restraining order was issued against the Club.  The Booster Club is not a defendant in the federal lawsuit. The School Board that is a party to the federal lawsuit was not previously aware of the logo, but met yesterday to discuss it.  As reported by Bossier Now, amid increasing pressure the Board, after a two hour executive session, decided to fight the federal lawsuit rather than settle it and to allow back Christ Fit Gym's ad.