Saturday, January 05, 2019

Religious Makeup of New 116th Congress

Pew Forum reports on the religious make up of the new 116th Congress, saying:
There has been a 3-percentage-point decline in the share of members of Congress who identify as Christian – in the 115th Congress, 91% of members were Christian, while in the 116th, 88% are Christian. There are also four more Jewish members, one additional Muslim and one more Unitarian Universalist in the new Congress – as well as eight more members who decline to state their religious affiliation (or lack thereof).
While the number of self-identified Christians in Congress has ticked down, Christians as a whole – and especially Protestants and Catholics – are still overrepresented in proportion to their share in the general public. Indeed, the religious makeup of the new, 116th Congress is very different from that of the United States population.
The full report gives numbers and percentages for the various faith groups, including various Protestant denominations. [Thanks to Scott Mange for the lead.]