Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Suit Seeks Change In Allegedly Anti-Semitic High School Curriculum

A suit seeking a writ of mandamus was filed last week in a Massachusetts state trial court against the city of Newton schools seeking a change in the high schools' history curriculum. The 60-page complaint (with over 400 pages of attachments and exhibits) (full text) in Dechter v. Newton School Committee, (MA Super. Ct., filed 3/11/2019) alleges in part:
Anti-Semitism is a deadly hatred. Defendants either disagree with this statement or share in this hatred because, for years, they have stubbornly refused to remove anti-Semitic and anti-Israel materials from the history lessons that they teach in the high schools of the City of  Newton. Despite significant community concerns, scholarly findings of anti-Jewish bias, and formal citizen requests for remedial action, Defendants have categorically and repeatedly refused to remedy the teaching of false and hateful stereotypes about Israel, Israelis, and the Jewish people. These refusals are not simply indecent and vile: they are also illegal under Massachusetts education and civil rights laws.
Newton Wicked Local reports on the lawsuit. (See prior related posting.)