Friday, September 13, 2019

New York City To Make A Strategic Retreat On Its Broad Conversion Therapy Ban

As previously reported, in January the Christian advocacy organization Alliance Defending Freedom filed suit in a New York federal district court challenging New York City's broad ban on conversion therapy.  The city's ban, unlike bans in other jurisdictions, covers provision of conversion therapy to adults as well as minors. ADF filed the suit on behalf of an Orthodox Jewish physician, almost all of whose patients are Orthodox Jews. Now, according to yesterday's New York Times, New York City Council, with the support of LGBT activists, is about to repeal its ban.  The move is an attempt to prevent decisions from the Second Circuit or the U.S. Supreme Court that could give constitutional protection to conversion therapy. The gay speaker of City Council, Corey Johnson, was to introduce the repeal measure yesterday. Conversion therapy for minors will remain illegal under a New York state ban. (See prior posting.)