Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Tel Aviv Mayor Sues New Transportation Minister For Libel Over Claims About Tefillin Stands

Yeshiva World reported yesterday on a libel lawsuit filed in Israel by Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai against newly-appointed Transportation Minister Miri Regev.  The suit, filed in Tel Aviv- Jaffa Magistrate's Court, seeks damages equivalent to $142,000 (US). According to the report:
The lawsuit refers to public statements Regev made at a February campaign event, at which she accused Huldai of coming out against Judaism and freedom of religion by banning Tel Aviv residents from putting on tefillin.
Huldai says that in February, the city of Tel Aviv banned all kinds of stands (including tefillin stands which urge passers-by to put on phylacteries) within 100 meters of schools and other public buildings that serve minors. He says that Regev intentionally distorted the facts and refused to correct her statements. He says that he had no input into the decision and that it did not single out tefillin stands.