Thursday, November 19, 2020

FBI Releases 2019 Hate Crime Statistics

This week, the FBI released its 2019 Hate Crime Statistics. According to the Report, of the 7,103 single-bias incidents, 19.9% of the offenses, and 21.4% of the incidents, were motivated by religious bias. Of the offenses motivated by religious bias:  60.3% were anti-Jewish; 13.3% percent were anti-Islamic (Muslim); 4.0% were anti-Catholic; 3.6% were anti-Other Christian; 3.0% were anti-Sikh; 2.8% were anti-Eastern Orthodox (Russian, Greek, Other); 2.5 percent were anti-multiple religions; 1.5% were anti-Protestant; 0.8% were anti-Mormon; 0.4% were anti-Hindu; 0.4% were anti-Jehovah’s Witness; 0.4% were anti-Atheism/Agnosticism; 0.3% were anti-Buddhist. The prior year's report showed 20.2% of the offenses motivated by religious bias. (See prior posting.) ADL issued a press release commenting on the Report, as did Muslim Advocates.