Thursday, July 28, 2022

Christian University Sues To Stop Investigation of LGBTQ Discrimination

Suit was filed yesterday in a Washington federal district court by a Christian university challenging the state of Washington's investigation of whether the university has discriminated in hiring on the basis of sexual orientation.  The complaint (full text) in Seattle Pacific University v. Ferguson, (WD WA, filed 7/27/2022), alleges in part:

4. As part of its religious commitment, Seattle Pacific expects its faculty, staff and leadership to agree with the University’s statement of faith and to live out that faith as a model for others, including by living according to the University’s religious teachings on marriage. Seattle Pacific relies on its faculty, staff, and leadership to provide a Christian higher education by integrating faith and learning.

5. The U.S. Constitution recognizes and protects the right of Seattle Pacific University to decide matters of faith and doctrine, to hire employees who share its religious beliefs, and to select and retain ministers free from government interference.

6. Defendant does not recognize that right. Despite the Constitution’s clear prohibition on interference in matters of church governance, including entangling investigations of religious employment decisions and the selection of ministers, Washington’s attorney general has launched a probe that does just that.

Courthouse News Service reports on the lawsuit.