Tuesday, January 31, 2023

HHS Proposes Repeal of Exemption from Contraceptive Mandate for Entities with Nonreligious Moral Objections

 Yesterday, the Department of Health and Human Services along with several other federal agencies filed a 147-page release (full text) proposing rule changes to the Trump Administration's exemptive rules under the Affordable Care Act for employers and universities with objections to furnishing employees and students coverage for contraceptive services. The proposed rule changes would eliminate the current exemption for employers and schools that have moral, as opposed to religious objections. The new rules would retain the exemption for employers and universities with religious objections.  However, under new arrangements, their employees and students could, in addition to existing options, obtain contraceptive services through an individual contraceptive arrangement with another provider, and without any involvement on the part of the employer or university with religious objections. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services issued a press release explaining the proposed rules, and CNN reports on the proposals.