Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Court Refuses To Dismiss Christian Student Group's Claim Against University

Last week a Georgia federal district court refused to dismiss claims brought by a Christian student group against Savannah State University. (ADF Press Release.) In Commissioned II Love v. Yarbrough, (SD GA, Aug. 24, 2007), the court refused to dismiss claims by Commissioned II Love (C2L) and its president that their right to assemble and their right to intimate association were infringed when the group was suspended, and then was expelled, from operating. The University charged that the group violated Code of Student Ethics rules against hazing and harassment. Those charges were filed after a student petition claimed that C2L badgered members of fraternities and sororities to accept Jesus, and that at a retreat current members would wash the feet of new members as a symbol of Jesus' washing of his apostles' feet. (See prior posting.) The court however dismissed individual claims by student members of C2L, finding that expulsion of C2L did not affect their individual rights to assemble and pray together.