Monday, August 20, 2007

Losing Plaintiff Gives His Arguments In Church Polling Place Controversy

The unsuccessful plaintiff in a recent Florida lawsuit challenging the use of a Catholic church as a polling place, gives his side of the argument in an op-ed piece in today's South Florida Sun-Sentinel. Jerry Rabinowitz, plaintiff in the federal court case of Rabinowitz v. Anderson, says:
As I approached my polling location I passed a large, anti-abortion banner put there by the host, Emanuel Church. Inside the religious classroom that served as the voting location, I was presented with religious iconography in every direction, including directly above the voting booths.... Although abortion, stem cell research, and gay rights weren't on that ballot, they are issues candidates run on and use to receive support. And they are religious concerns. Thus religion is, in that sense, on the ballot, making a church polling place inappropriate in any fair election.