Monday, August 20, 2007

CNN To Present Series On Religious Radicals

CNN is giving extensive publicity to its 3-part documentary, God's Warriors, scheduled for this week. Produced by Christiane Amanpour, the special will run two hours on three successive evenings beginning tomorrow. Tuesday's program is on Judaism, Wednesday's is on Islam and Thursday's is on Christianity. CNN says the series will explore "the intersection between religion and politics and the effects of Christianity, Islam and Judaism on politics, culture and public life," and it is asking viewers to submit questions ahead of time to Amanpour. David Yonke of the Toledo Blade describes the series this way:
For those who follow the news closely, there will be few major revelations in this series. Most of God's Warriors centers on pivotal events of recent history that have religious connections.... Around this historical framework, however, Amanpour and her crew expand on the events by interviewing extremists and their families and getting insights from political, cultural, and religious experts, seeking to understand the reasons behind the headlines.
The series has been extensively reviewed in newspapers and online forums across the country. Here is a sampling of the reviews from AP, the San Diego Union-Tribune, the Toledo Blade, and Variety. A summary of each episode is at Digital Home.