Monday, April 20, 2009

President's Faith Based Council Creates 6 Task Forces

The Washington Post today provides more information on what the President's Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships is doing. It has set up six task forces to advise the President. The task forces are on (1) reform of the faith-based office, (2) fatherhood, (3) U.S. economic recovery, (4) interreligious dialogue, (5) global poverty, and (6) the environment and climate change. One topic, however, has become too controversial for the task forces to handle. The question of whether faith-based groups that take government funds can use religious criteria in hiring has been removed from the task force on reform of the faith-based office and given over to the White House legal counsel and the Justice Department.


Barb said...

They had better be able to hire faculty and staff who share their faith or they won't be "faith-based" anymore.

Barb said...

Let me add: if groups cease to be "faith-based" by hiring unbelievers, then they lose the reason behind their federal funding which is this:

Churches and faith-based charities are effective at helping their neighborhoods in ways that are truly efficient and helpful --compared to gov't agencies --which are bloated self-sustaining bureaucracies. Faith can change hearts and behaviors; gov't just puts band-aids on festering sores that need miracle cures.

Prison Fellowship is a good example of a faith-based rehab aid that does better than the prison system psychologists. So where should the gov't put its money--in efficacious agencies --or boondoggling bureaucracies?

Churches could do so much more if they had the resources of gov't without strings attached. But that's like letting the dromedary's nose into the tent. The whole hump follows after.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe one word that you've written.

-American Atheist

Barb said...

O ye of little faith! ; )