Thursday, June 21, 2012

Argentina Ceremony To Repudiate Anti-Semitic Acts During Falklands War

JTA reports that in Argentina today, political leaders, legislators, foreign diplomats and representatives of various religious groups will participate in a ceremony honoring Jewish soldiers who fought in the Falklands War 30 years ago, and acknowledging the anti-Semitism that they suffered at the hands of their fellow servicemen.  One veteran recounted his experiences:
I was insulted as a Jew. Our superiors told the other soldiers that the Jewish soldiers would betray them in the combat. I was tortured. I was forced to put my hands, legs and sometimes head in cold water in the cold climate of the islands. They told me that this punishment was because I was a Jew.
This is the first event to repudiate the treatment of Jewish soldiers during the Falklands War.