Sunday, November 18, 2012

Judge Requires Teen To Attend Church For 10 Years As Probation Condition

ABC News reports that a state trial court judge in Oklahoma has sentenced a teenager to a probation arrangement that includes a requirement that he attend the church of his choice every week for ten years. After 17-year old Tyler Alred plead guilty to manslaughter in the death of his friend who was riding with him in an auto crash, Judge Mike Norman imposed a deferred prison sentence. Alred had been drinking. Alred will avoid jail and have his conviction expunged after 10 years if he complies with all the probation conditions: graduating high school, wearing a drug and alcohol bracelet, attending counseling sessions, and going to church. Judge Norman has imposed a sentence of church attendance in other cases also. Alred's lawyer did not object to the sentence.


jimbino said...

He should just become a Universal Life minister and set up his own church in his bathroom.

The sentencing judge is an idiot.

harmonyfb said...

What an inappropriate sentence - and where do I begin on what is wrong with it? The forbidden intertwining of church and state? The inference that religious observance is a punishment? The assumption that the defendant is Christian? Etc, etc.