Sunday, December 15, 2013

New Anti-Semitic Manifestations Reported In Europe

New examples of anti-Semitism in Europe have made the news in recent days.  EJP reports on the growing criticism of an anti-Semitic Christmas carol broadcast on Dec. 6 by the state-operated Romanian channel TVR3 Verde, a channel directed to rural communities. According to the report:
In the carol, sung by a choir, the “jidovi”, a derogatory term for Jews, are reproached for having “mocked” the Christ Child. “Only in the chimney, in the smoke, the ‘jidov’ is good”, the lyrics further say.
The U.S. embassy in Bucharest issued a statement on Dec. 12 calling the broadcast "an unacceptable display of anti-Semitism." Romania's foreign minister, as well as the Israeli embassy in Bucharest have also condemned the broadcast.

In another move, reported on briefly in the English language press by AFP, but garnering more attention in the Romanian language press, Romania's Jewish community is angered by the ruling Social Democratic Party's nomination of Lucian Bolcas, former vice-president of the nationalistic, right-wing Greater Romania Party, to be a judge on Romania's Constitutional Court. The Centre for the Fight against Anti-Semitism calls Bolcas's ideas "racist and anti-Semitic."

Meanwhile, Haaretz and JTA report that in Italy a spokesman for the Forconi (Pitchfork) Movement which led widespread populist protests against Prime Minister Enrico Letta’s government, its austerity program and the European Union last week, made blatantly anti-Semitic statements in an interview Friday with the newspaper La Repubblica.  Andrea Zunino told the paper:
We want the government to resign.  We want the sovereignty of Italy, which today is slave to the bankers, like the Rothschilds. It is curious that five or six of the richest people in the world are Jews, but this is something I need to investigate.