Thursday, July 03, 2014

More Legal Problems For Christian Sudanese Woman

In Sudan, the case of Mariam Yahya Ibrahim-- whose father was Muslim, but who was raised by her mother as a Christian-- is becoming legally more complex. As previously reported, Ibrahim was initially sentenced to death for apostasy for embracing Christianity, but an appeals court last week overturned the sentence and released her from custody. (See prior posting.) However, as reported by Reuters, when Ibrahim, along with her Christian husband and her two children, attempted to fly out of the country, she was again briefly detained by police who charged her with using falsified travel documents.  Sudanese authorities objected to her travel documents that were issued by the embassy of South Sudan. After being released by police last Thursday, she and her family took up temporary residence in the U.S. embassy in Khartoum. Now a lawsuit has been filed against her in the Khartoum Religious Court, brought by her father's family, seeking to establish she is a Muslim.  If successful, that would presumably invalidate her marriage to her Christian husband (who is South Sudanese and holds American citizenship), and would impede her plans to leave Sudan.