Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Court Orders Sikh Temple Meeting With Quorum Requirement Dropped

According to the Marysville, California Appeal-Democrat, a Sutter County, California state trial court judge last Friday issued an interim order in a dispute over control of a Sikh Temple in Yuba City.  Members who have wanted to hold a meeting to challenge action of the Temple's board of directors have been unable to do so because of the by-laws' unrealistic quorum requirement.  The bylaws require a quorum of over 50% of the formal members of the Temple.  A membership list compiled in 2008 lists over 4400 members, many of whom have died or moved away.  Only 500 people are signed up to receive the Temple's monthly newsletter.  An attempt to obtain a quorum in May 2013 led to 2000 people showing up, but a number still short of a quorum.  The court Friday ordered a special meeting of members to be held, and ordered the Temple to drop the quorum requirement for the meeting. The Temple's attorney argues that the interim order is unconstitutional because it infringes on the Temple's internal governance.