Thursday, April 23, 2015

Plaintiffs Say LA County Continues To Use Seal With Cross In Violation of Agreement

According to the Los Angeles Times,, yesterday a group of Christian, Jewish and Muslim leaders in Los Angeles filed papers in federal court alleging that Los Angeles County is violating an agreement it entered in connection with a pending lawsuit challenging the new design of the county seal.  In February 2014, the religious leaders, represented by the ACLU, sued challenging the redesign that added a cross atop the depiction of the San Gabriel Mission that is already on the county seal. (See prior posting.)  Last June, the county agreed to stop using the new seal while the litigation was pending.  In yesterday's motion, plaintiffs claim that the seal containing the cross is still on the county supervisor's website, a cover sheet for a recent Board of Supervisors meeting transcript and a program for the county's "Women of the Year" luncheon.  The county contends that all of these are materials that were in place before the June agreement. The ACLU says that materials for every new Board of Supervisor's meeting involves a new use of the county seal.