Thursday, August 27, 2015

Hamptons Town Board Drops Opposition To Eruv

Since 2011, a Suffolk County, New York, Jewish organization known as the East End Eruv Association (EEEA) has been attempting to obtain approval to erect an eruv (a symbolic boundary) in three towns in the Hamptons. It has been opposed by a citizens group known as Jewish People Opposed to the Eruv. The clash between groups has spawned extensive state and federal litigation.  According to 27 East, on Tuesday EEEA moved significantly closer to success. The Southampton Town Board voted not to pursue an appeal of an adverse state trial court decision.  That decision held that the town's sign ordinance does not bar construction of the eruv. The town also will drop its federal lawsuit challenging the eruv on Establishment Clause grounds. The Town Board's decision will permit expansion of an eruv currently in  Westhampton Beach Village to also include the hamlets of Quiogue and Westhampton.