Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Judge Preventing Church Leader From Obtaining Unusual Name Change

According to the Rome News-Tribune, in Rome, Georgia an 81-year old resident whose current name apparently is "Serpentfoot" is petitioning a Floyd County (GA) court to change her name to:
Nofoot Allfoot-69-mouth-tail-solids-liquids-gases-animal-vegetable-mineral-going-over-under-around-and-through-Our-Greater-Self-our-habitat-the-cosmos-of-which-we-are-but-part-and-where-all-life-feeds-upon-other-life-from-the-smallest-bacteria-to-the-great-black-holes-and-dog-eat-dog-and-last-suppers-where-we-are-what-we-eat-or-consume-and-each-lives-on-in-the-other … ∞ Serpentfoot.
Serpentfoot who is the leader of her own church, "Our Greater Self Co-op," says that the name change will further her ministry. The court however apparently turned down the request in on Aug. 6 when Serpentfoot was a few minutes late for her 8:30 am hearing. She has now filed a petition asking the judge to reconsider his ruling or else recuse himself.  This is the latest in a series of requests by Serpentfoot to change her name.  Her last request was denied in May by the court when she could not remember her proposed name.