Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Mirror of Justice Blogger Robert Araujo Posts Sad Farewell

On Sunday, Loyola University Chicago Law Professor Robert John Araujo, S.J., posted a sad farewell on Mirror of Justice to which he has contributed for ten years.  Mirror of Justice is a wonderful blog dedicated to the development of Catholic legal theory, and Prof. Araujo's posts have been an important part of the blog's contribution to thinking about law and religion.  Prof. Araujo writes that he is now in palliative/hospice care while finishing his final scholarly project -- a book on the Declaration on Religious Liberty and its relevance to the law. We all salute Prof Araujo for his scholarly contributions on Papal diplomacy, religious liberty and Catholic social thought.  Even more so, we salute him for the courageous example he has set in facing impossibly difficult health care decisions.