Friday, October 09, 2015

Anti-Muslim Rallies Planned In U.S. Cities This Weekend

TPM reports that anti-Muslim rallies may be held this weekend in 20 or more U.S. cities.  The rallies, organized through a Facebook page called "Global Rally for Humanity," were timed to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the Washington, D.C. Million Man March. According to TPM:
 "Global Rally for Humanity" appears to have ties to John Ritzheimer, who rose to prominence among anti-Muslim activists when he organized a protest and "Draw Mohammad" contest in May in Phoenix. Known for his bizarre antics, he recently attracted the attention of U.S. Capitol Police when he vowed in an open letter to arrest Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) over her support for the Iranian nuclear deal.
Detroit Free Press reports on the rally planned in the heavily Muslim city of Dearborn, Michigan. The Facebook page for the Dearborn rally says that the organizers are open gun carry advocates, and it urges individuals to bring firearms to the rally. The rally is planned near Dearborn city hall after organizers did not file soon enough to get a permit to demonstrate outside the Islamic Center of America, a large Dearborn mosque.

CAIR issued a statement this week reading in part: "Many of these planned rallies may not take place, or they may consist of only a handful of people shouting slurs at worshipers. But given the recent endorsement of Islamophobia by national public figures, it would only be prudent for mosque and community leaders to prepare for any eventuality." In a second statement later in the week, CAIR asked all presidential candidates to repudiate the hate rallies and urged them to visit a mosque the weekend to show moral support for the Muslim community.