Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Trump Speaks At Liberty University With Outreach To Evangelicals

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump spoke at Liberty University yesterday, in a talk geared toward his evangelical Christian audience. (Video of full remarks.)  He speech was preceded by a lengthy introduction (full text) from Liberty University president Jerry Falwell, Jr., who said in part:
Matthew 7:16 tells us "by their fruits ye shall know them".  Donald Trump's life has borne fruit, fruit that has provided jobs to multitudes of people in addition to the many he has helped with his generosity.... In my opinion, Donald Trump lives a life of living and helping others as Jesus taught in the Great Commandment.
As reported by Time:
Early on in his speech, Trump tailored his message to the crowd and emphasized the power of Christianity in the country.
 “We’re going to protect Christianity,” he said, before quoting a Bible passage. “2 Corinthians, right? 2 Corinthians 3:17, that’s the whole ballgame. Where the spirit of the lord, right? Where the spirit of the lord is, there is liberty … It is so true.”
(When quoting the Bible passage, Trump said “two Corinthians” rather than “Second Corinthians,” the correct way of saying it.)
“If you look what’s going on throughout the world … Christianity, it’s under siege,” Trump continued. “I’m Protestant, I’m very proud of it, Presbyterian to be exact, but I’m very proud of it … And we’ve got to protect because bad thing are happening … We don’t band together, maybe? Other religions frankly they’re banding together and they’re using it. If you look at this country, it’s gotta be 70 percent, 75 percent, some people say even more. The power we have, we have to unify. We have to band together, we have to do really in a really large version what they’ve done at Liberty.”