Saturday, February 06, 2016

Suit Over Religious Themed Donor Plaque Dismissed After School Removes All Plaques

Last year, Michael Lucas, an alumnus of the Colorado School of Mines, filed suit against the school after it rejected the text he chose for a donor plaque. The school's fundraising campaign for a new Athletic Complex allowed donors to purchase a personalized plate to be placed in the new football locker room. However the school rejected Lucas' proposed inscription "Colossians 3:23 & Micah 5:9." (See prior posting.) According to an ADF press release, Lucas yesterday moved to voluntarily dismiss the suit because the school has now removed all donor nameplates from the locker room. In a letter to donors (full text), the school's President said:
The purpose of the football locker fundraising program ... was to solicit donations and honor Mines' student athletes.... Unfortunately, an individual who participated in this fundraising program mistakenly viewed our new football locker room as a public space for free expression.
The letter invited donors to transfer their gifts to a new program that would replace their old plaque with a new one containing specified identifying information on the person the donor wished to honor.  No free text quotes are allowed.