Friday, April 15, 2016

Trump Noncommittal On Religious Liberty Questions

JTA and The Forward report on a question-and-answer session held yesterday by Donald Trump with two dozen Jewish reporters and Orthodox Jewish activists.  The questions focused on religious liberty and on Israel.  JTA reports:
Here’s Trump’s answer to a question on whether religious employers should have the right to discriminate on the basis of religion when it comes to hiring:
“That’s the question that’s been asked and discussed very brilliantly on many different levels over the last short period of time,” Trump said. “And I’m going to really leave that decision to you. That’s your personal decision. What would your answer be to that question?”
When asked about tax-exempt status for religious groups, Trump said, “It’s really become a very big point of discussion and a very complex point of discussion and it’s something that I’m very interested in and I’m really forming policy on it and I’m actually going to be announcing something that I actually think you’re going to be very happy with. OK?”