Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Religious Organizations Challenge NY Regulator's Required Abortion Coverage

In a May 10 press release, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany, New York announced that it, along with the Episcopal Diocese and several other religious groups has filed suit in New York state court challenging the constitutionality of Model Language adopted by the New York State Department of Financial Services that requires individual and small group employers offering health insurance to their employees to include in renewal contracts coverage for therapeutic abortions, and for non-therapeutic abortions in the case of rape, incest or fetal malformation. The complaint (full text) in Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany v. Vullo, (NY Sup. Ct. Albany Cty., filed 5/4/2016), contends that the abortion mandate violates religious freedom and liberty of conscience in violation of various provisions of the state and federal constitutions as well as of New York law. [Thanks to Jeff Pasek for the lead.]