Friday, June 17, 2016

In Liberia, Court Orders Sale of Seminary To Satisfy Amounts Owed To Fired President [UPDATED]

All Africa on Wednesday reported on the latest installment in the litigation in Liberia between Dr. Lincoln S. Brownell, the former president of Baptist Theological Seminary, and the Seminary.  Brownell was removed as president in 2007.  In 2013 he brought suit in Liberia's National Labour Court seeking damages for his removal, and the court awarded him $300,000 (US). In 2014, the Labour Court ordered the Seminary shut down, and now the Labour Court has issued a writ of execution on the property of the Seminary so Brownell can obtain the amounts due him under the court award. The writ calls for the sale of the real and personal property of the Seminary to realize the $300,000.  The writ calls for the arrest of the president of the Seminary if property cannot be found.

UPDATE: Front Page Africa (June 19) reported that Liberia's Supreme Court has issued a writ of prohibition preventing the sale of Seminary properties after evidence was introduced that the $300,000 had been paid.  The court immediately sent a team of sheriffs to reopen the Seminary.