Friday, June 17, 2016

UN Commission Says ISIS Has Committed Genocide Against Yazidis

Yesterday, the International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic established by the United Nations Human Rights Council issued a report (press release) concluding that ISIS' actions against the Yazidis constitutes genocide and amounts to crimes against humanity and war crimes. The 41-page report (full text) includes a Summary section which reads in part:
ISIS has sought to destroy the Yazidis through killings; sexual slavery, enslavement, torture and inhuman and degrading treatment and forcible transfer causing serious bodily and mental harm; the infliction of conditions of life that bring about a slow death; the imposition of measures to prevent Yazidi children from being born, including forced conversion of adults, the separation of Yazidi men and women, and mental trauma; and the transfer of Yazidi children from their own families and placing them with ISIS fighters, thereby cutting them off from beliefs and practices of their own religious community, and erasing their identity as Yazidis. The public statements and conduct of ISIS and its fighters clearly demonstrate that ISIS intended to destroy the Yazidis of Sinjar, composing the majority of the world’s Yazidi population, in whole or in part....
While noting States’ obligations under the Genocide Convention, the Commission repeated its call for the Security Council to refer urgently the situation in Syria to the International Criminal Court, or to establish an ad hoc tribunal with relevant geographic and temporal jurisdiction.
AP has more on the report.