Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Suit Seeks $25M Damages For Islamophobic Bullying of Special-Needs 12-Year-Old

Islip Patch reports on a federal court lawsuit filed Monday by the parents of a 12-year old Muslim special needs student alleging that he was the victim of Islamophobic harassment by fellow-students and school personnel of the East Islip, New York School District. According to the complaint, Nashwan Uppal (whose family is from Pakistan) was bullied by a group of students who called him a terrorist and asked him what he was going to blow up next. Thinking "terrorist" meant "tourist," Uppal eventually said he was going to blow up the fence.  The next day Uppal was interrogated by the principal and assistant principal who searched his backpack and locker and demanded that he write a confession that he was part of ISIS. Subsequently he was questioned by police while his mother waited outside the school.  New York Post adds:
Officials eventually let [Uppal] call his mother, Nubaisha Amar, who was told her son had pledged allegiance to ISIS and was going to blow up the school. Cops escorted mother and son back to their home before searching the entire house and concluding he was no threat. But Uppal was suspended for a week for “criminal activity.”
The suit seeks $25 million in damages for severe and extreme emotional distress.