Friday, February 10, 2017

Fired Doctor Settles Suit Against Georgia Health Department [Corrected]

In a press release yesterday, First Liberty announced that a settlement has been reached in Walsh v. Georgia Department of Public Health.  In the case, a doctor and public health expert who was dismissed from his position with the Georgia Department of Public Health within two weeks of his hiring claimed that he was terminated because of the content of sermons he had given as a Seventh Day Adventist lay minister. (See prior posting). The settlement agreement (full text) provides for the payment of $225,000 to plaintiff's lawyers.  I am informed by plaintiff's lawyers that the checks were deposited in an attorney trust account to be disbursed from there to the client, and that the majority of the settlement amount went to the client.  [An earlier version of this posting incorrectly concluded that the payment was entirely for attorneys' fees.] Atlanta Journal Constitution reports on developments.