Monday, July 17, 2017

British Survey of Anti-Semitic Crime Finds Overall Increase For 2016, But Fewer Violent Crimes

As reported by JTA, Britain's non-profit organization Campaign Against Antisemitism yesterday released its National Antisemitic Crime Audit-- 2016 in Review.  The report found 1,078 Anti-Semitic crimes in 2015, an increase of 14.9% from the prior year.  105 of these were violent crimes. Violent anti-Semitic crime though fell by 44.7% from 2015.  According to the report:
Ever since crime targeting British Jews began to surge in 2014, each successive year has set a new record for antisemitic crime, and each year fewer crimes have been charged. 2016 was the worst year on record for antisemitic crime, yet instead of protecting British Jews, the authorities prosecuted merely fifteen cases of antisemitic hate crime, including one solitary violent crime.