Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Catholic Nurse Sues Duke University Hospital Seeking Religious Accommodation

A lawsuit was filed last week against Duke University and the Duke University Health System by a Catholic emergency department nurse who claims that Duke University Hospital discriminated against her because she requested accommodation of her religious beliefs.  The complaint (full text) in Pedro v. Duke University, (MD NC, filed 10/27/2017), alleges in part:
7. Because of her Catholic faith, [plaintiff] objects to assisting in abortions, dispensing birth control and contraceptives, and receiving as well as administering vaccines. Ms. Pedro’s employer, Defendant Duke, discriminated against her because of these religious beliefs and practices.
8. Furthermore, after Ms. Pedro made known her religious beliefs and requested religious accommodations, Defendant Duke subjected her to a degrading series of actions designed to punish and retaliate against her for engaging in federally-protected activity.
Apparently the Hospital was willing to accommodate Pedro's objection to receiving vaccines, but not her objection to participating in abortions.

Thomas More Law Center issued a press release announcing the filing of the lawsuit.