Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Report Finds Increase In Anti-Muslim Bias Incidents

Yesterday CAIR released its 2018 Civil Rights Report which it titles Targeted (full text). Here is part of the Key Findings section of the report:
Anti-Muslim bias incidents have continued to increase in 2017. Additionally, a greater percentage of these instances have been violent in nature, targeting American children, youth, and families who are Muslim or perceived to be Muslim.
CAIR recorded a 17 percent increase in anti-Muslim bias incidents nationwide in 2017 over 2016.  This was accompanied by a 15 percent increase in hate crimes targeting American Muslims, including children, youth, and families, over the same period.
Of particular alarm is the fact that federal government agencies instigated 35 percent of all anti-Muslim bias incidents recorded in 2017. This represents an almost unprecedented level of government hostility toward a religious minority within the United States, and is counter to the American value of religious freedom.
Following the executive order barring the entry of individuals from several Muslim-majority countries into the U.S., the first version of which was signed on January 27, 2017, CAIR received a deluge of cases. Over the course of the year, CAIR recorded 464 incidents pertaining to the unconstitutional Muslim Ban. That is a staggering 18 percent of the total number of anti-Muslim bias incidents documented in 2017.