Saturday, June 09, 2018

Court Allows Archbishop Sheen's Remains To Be Moved To Illinois

A New York trial court yesterday ruled in a rather bitter dispute that the remains of the late Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen should be moved from a crypt in  New York's St. Patrick's Cathedral to a Cathedral in Peoria, Illinois, where he was ordained as a priest. (See prior related posting.) In Cunningham v. Trustees of St. Patrick's Cathedral, (NY Cty., June 8, 2018), the court (on remand from the Appellate Division) relied on the belief of Sheen's niece that the move is the only way to advance the Cause for Sheen being declared a saint.  Peoria's Bishop Daniel Jenky was the Promoter for the Cause of Sainthood for Sheen, but refused to continue his advocacy until Sheen's remains are moved.  The New York Archdiocese is not interested in promoting the sainthood Cause.  The court concluded:
The evidentiary hearing revealed that the location of Archbishop Sheen's final resting place would not have been his primary concern; his focus was on souls rather than the location of earthly remains. ...[B]ecoming a saint would allow Archbishop Sheen to accomplish his highest calling-- to reach as many believers as possible and to intercede on their behalf.
The Diocese of Peoria issued a press release reacting to the decision.  WJBC and Church Militant both reported on the decision.