Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Fellow Church Members File Ecclesiastical Complaint Against Attorney General Sessions

CNN reports that on Monday, 640 members of the United Methodist Church filed a formal ecclesiastical complaint (full text) against fellow church member, Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  The complaint was addressed to pastors of the churches in Mobile, Alabama and Clarendon, Virginia that Sessions attends.  The complaint, brought pursuant to Paragraph 2702.3 of the United Methodist Book of Discipline, charges Sessions with child abuse, immorality, racial discrimination and dissemination of doctrines contrary to the standards of doctrine of the United Methodist Church.  Calling for entering into a "just resolution process" with Sessions, the complaint says:
Mr. Sessions-- as a long-term United Methodist in a tremendously powerful, public position-- is particularly accountable to us, his church.  He is ours, and we are his.  As his denomination, we have an ethical obligation to speak boldly when one of our members is engaged in causing significant harm in matter contrary to the Discipline on the global stage....  [W]e believethat the severity of his actions and the harm he is causing to immigrants, migrants, refugees, and asylees calls for his church to step into a process to directly engage with him as a part of our community.