Wednesday, June 20, 2018

U.S. Withdraws From U.N. Human Rights Council

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley announced yesterday (video of statement) that the the United States has withdrawn from the United Nations Human Rights Council. Haley said that the Council has not implemented needed reforms that have been pressed by the United States.  As reported by Vox:
Nikki Haley ... announced the decision on Tuesday evening, saying that the US could no longer be part of a UN body that was a “protector of human rights abusers, and a cesspool of political bias.”
“Look at the council membership and you see an appalling disrespect for human rights,” she said, citing member countries China, Venezuela, Russia, Cuba, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Egypt. She went on to speak at length about how the council displayed a “chronic anti-Israel bias” and was “not worthy of its name.”