Thursday, July 05, 2018

Haliburton Sued By EEOC For Religious and National Origin Discrimination

The EEOC announced on Tuesday that it has filed suit against the large multinational Haliburton Energy Services, Inc., charging that the company subjected two of its employees to religious and national origin discrimination.  According to the EEOC:
Hassan Snoubar, of Syrian national origin, began working for Halliburton as an operator-assistant oil field worker.... During his employment, Snoubar, a U.S. citizen, was subjected to taunts and name calling regarding both his national origin and his Muslim religion. He was frequently called derogatory names ... and was accused of being associated with ISIS and terrorism by supervisors and co-workers. Mir Ali, a Muslim co-worker of Indian national origin, was similarly subjected to the hostile environment.
... After being continually criticized about their cultural attire, appearance and even claims that "their people" engaged in bestiality, Snoubar expressed his concerns to management and human resources, but was then fired.