Friday, September 14, 2018

Alaska Christian Women's Shelter Challenges Requirement It Serve Transgender Women

In Anchorage, Alaska, a Christian soup kitchen and women's shelter-- the Hope Center-- has filed a federal lawsuit against the Anchorage Equal Rights Commission seeking to end the Commission's investigation of the Center. According to KTTU News, The controversy grows out of the Hope Center's denial of shelter services to a transgender woman and her filing of a discrimination complaint. The suit seeks to end the Commission's investigation of the Center for violation of the city's anti-discrimination law that protects against discrimination on the basis of gender identity. The Center's complaint alleges in part:
It would not only be dangerous and against common sense, but would violate the Hope Center’s sincerely held religious beliefs to admit biological men into its shelter and allow them to sleep side by side and disrobe next to women, some of whom have been assaulted by men and fear for their safety.