Friday, September 21, 2018

Congressman Claims Advocacy Groups Are Spying On Christian School Groups In Louisiana

As a lawsuit against the  Bossier Parish, Louisiana school board alleging widespread Establishment Clause violations continues, Louisiana congressman Mike Johnson this week posted the following warning on his campaign/personal Facebook page:
Last night we received very credible information that atheist litigation groups in CA have contacted private investigators in our area to try to hire them to obtain hidden video of Christian student groups and activities at Benton High School and potentially other Bossier Parish schools.
Unfortunately, this is to be expected now that these groups perceive the Bossier Parish School District as an ATM machine for attorney fee awards in what they believe will be easy Establishment Clause lawsuits. They are wrong, as our district is following the law--even as we fight vigorously to defend religious freedom. Sadly, Bossier schools will have to endure this legal harassment from the atheist groups for a while now, so everyone needs to be prepared.
According to an AP report, Americans United for Separation of Church and State says it has not hired private investigators, and the school district's attorney says he has no first hand knowledge of this kind of activity.