Wednesday, February 27, 2019

In South Africa, Funeral Homes Sue Church Over Fake Resurrection

In Johannesburg, South Africa, three funeral parlors have filed suit for reputational damage against Alleluia Ministries International leader Prophet Alph Lukau claiming that he used their hearse to carry out a hoax in which he purported to resurrect a dead person. According to news reports yesterday, church representative tricked the funeral homes into providing a coffin and transportation for the supposed body.  Video of the purported resurrection went viral after it was placed on the church's social media sites. The Star further reports:
Lukau had claimed that a man, whom he referred to as Elliot, died on Friday, and was on his way to Zimbabwe on Sunday before the pastor brought him back to life.
Meanwhile, snaking queues of people from as far as the US and the Caribbean waited to buy “holy oil” and “prophetic salt”....
The funeral parlors have also filed police complaints.