Wednesday, February 27, 2019

United Methodist Church Risks Split Over Position On LBTQ Ordination and Marriage

HuffPost reports that the United Methodist Church will likely break apart after a close vote yesterday at its 2019 General Conference on LGBTQ roles in the Church. As reported by United Methodist News Service, the delegates adopted the so-called "Traditional Plan" by a vote of 438 to 384.  This plan continues the Church's ban on ordaining LGBTQ clergy and the prohibition on officiating at or hosting same-sex weddings. The opposing "One Church Plan" was defeated by a vote of  449 to 374.  It would have allowed ordination LGBTQ pastors, and allowed, but not required, churches to host and pastors to officiate at same-sex marriages.  Later, by a vote of 405 to 395, the Conference asked the Church's Judicial Council to rule on the constitutionality of the Traditional Plan at its scheduled April meeting.