Friday, March 22, 2019

Non-Liturgical Protestant Navy Chaplains Refile In Long-Running Discrimination Litigation

Last year, a D.C. federal district court dismissed a long-running lawsuit brought by  non-liturgical Protestant Navy chaplains alleging discrimination against them by the Navy. (See prior posting.)  However the court severed certain claims with leave to file them in other jurisdictions.  Earlier this month those severed claims were included in a complaint filed in a Virginia federal district court.  The complaint (full text) in Lancaster v. Secretary of the Navy, (ED VA, filed 3/1/2019), summarized the allegations as follows:
This case addresses 27 Non-liturgical Navy Chaplains plaintiffs’ longstanding claims of retaliation and low fitness reports...; constructive discharge because of unlawful FOS [failures of selection]; and interference with their ministry, speaking, preaching and worship services based on denominational prejudice.
This retaliation resulted in plaintiffs’ FOS and either separation for FOS or constructive discharges. Senior Navy chaplains are the perpetrators and sources of these claims, primarily Roman Catholic and/or Liturgical Protestants, in positions of authority, influence and supervision representing and acting under the authority of the Navy and its CHC. The actions represent a pattern and practice of illegal retaliation and discrimination based on denominational hostility and prejudice.
WAVY News reports on the lawsuit.