Friday, March 01, 2019

Reporting On Cardinal Pell Conviction Is Examined

Get Religion published a piece today examining media coverage of the child sex abuse charges against Australia's Cardinal George Pell, as well as the outcome of his trial.  Reporter Julia Duin begins her report as follows:
I hadn’t been following the child abuse charges against Australian Cardinal Pell all that much because I assumed, based on the evidence, that they were somewhat plimsy and would never stick.
But they did — in a series of trials that are as odd as they come. At the heart of the proceedings there was a single witness and what appeared to be “recovered memories” of abuse. 
The end result? A cardinal is now in jail and a bunch of journalists have been handed the Aussie equivalent of contempt-of-court charges.
(See prior related posting.) Perth Now reports on Pell's appeal of his conviction.