Thursday, August 08, 2019

Seventh Day Adventist Tennis Players Sue Over Tournament Scheduling

Suit was filed this week in a Washington federal district court by two high school tennis players who are Seventh Day Adventists and were precluded from participating in state championship tournaments because matches were scheduled on their Sabbath (Friday night/ Saturday).  The complaint (full text) and motion for preliminary injunction (full text) in J.G.C. v. Washington Interscholastic Activities Association, (WD WA, filed 8/6/2019) allege that plaintiffs' free exercise and equal protection rights were infringed, and that the anti-discrimination provisions of Washington law and the Establishment Clause were violated in two respects.  Plaintiffs object to tournament scheduling that includes Friday evening/ Saturday games. They also object to tournament rules that require players participate in all events, except in case of injury, illness or unforeseen events.  Religious accommodation is not permitted. Becket issued a press release announcing the filing of the lawsuit.