Wednesday, August 07, 2019

State Has Compelling Interest In Licensing of Medical and Naturopathy Practice

In Jimenez v. Washington State Department of Health, (WA App., Aug. 5, 2019), a Washington state appellate court affirmed a finding by the health department that a marriage and family therapist engaged in the unlicensed practice of medicine and naturopathy. The court rejected Arely Jiminez's claim that the health department violated her free exercise rights protected by the U.S. and Washington state constitutions.  The court said in art:
Here, even assuming that the Department’s actions have infringed on Jimenez’s right to freedom of religion, the Department has a compelling public health and welfare interest in limiting the practice of medicine and naturopathy to individuals licensed by the Department. To the extent that Jimenez’s practice of Medicine without a Washington license burdened her exercise of religion, the Department’s interest in public health and safety justified any infringement of her constitutional rights.